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Wednesday 25 September 2013

'Thinking with the Body - Mind and Movement in the Work of Wayne McGregor|Random Dance.

A new exhibition at the Wellcome Trust explores the relationships that scientists in several different disciplines have had with choregrapher Wayne McGregor and the dancers of his company, Random over the last decade. It gives fascinating insights into the way that McGregor works – and includes interactive displays which give you the chance to experiment with your own spatial awareness/creativity and to play with Becoming a new software package which turns data into 3D moving forms on a human-sized screen.

Lyndsey Winship talked to McGregor:

“I think our opportunities are greater than we give ourselves scope for,” he adds. He gets frustrated with the insularity of the dance world. “I can’t bear it; it’s so closed. I try to plug dance into the real world, because I think that’s the way you get good projects on. Especially with new media, new technology, science projects. There’s so much richness there if you just tap into it — rather than just bemoaning the fact that the Arts Council is cutting funding.”
Read more in the Evening Standard, 17 September

The exhbition also demonstrates the benefits of the collaborations to the scientists. According to one delighted researcher, McGregor and his company were positively “dripping with phenomena” for them to study, writes Judith Mackrell..

And they are not alone in proving to be fascinating lab rats for science. As a group, professional dancers possess a unique range of motor skills, unusual powers of spatial awareness and physical communication, all of which can be invaluable to research. In the past, studies of dancers have helped in projects as varied as the rehabilitation of stroke victims and the acclimatisation of astronauts to zero gravity.
Read more in the Guardian, 24 September

The exhibition previews Atomos McGregor’s next work for Random, which is at Sadler’s Wells from 9 -12 October:

Thinking with the body: mind and movement in the work of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance
FREE. Open daily 10am – 6pm, (til 10pm Thursdays) except Mondays.

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