News: Thiago Soares and Marianela Nuñez 'working together better than ever now'

Monday 15 February 2016 by Denise Drake

Thiago Soares and Marianela Nuñez in rehearsals for After The Rain
Photo: Bill Cooper/ROH

Royal Ballet star Thiago Soares says his 13-year professional relationship with fellow principal Marianela Nuñez is still going strong — despite their divorce.

Soares says it was ‘very exciting’ to be sharing a stage with Nuñez :‘We’re no longer husband and wife but we’re still working together a lot, the work is going very strong, still great friends, doing a lot of projects together.’

Read the full interview in the Evening Standard, 27 January

Photo: Bill Cooper/ROH

After the Rain / Strapless / Within the Golden Hour
12 February – 11 March 2016

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