News: The ACE National Portfolio Organisation results are in

Thursday 3 July 2014 by Lucie Sheppard

Tuesday 1 July was a brilliant day for some dance companies and organisations, but a terrible day for others … yes it’s the decision from the Arts Council England regarding who would be included in their National Portfolio for the next 3 years. Judith Mackrell writes about the results in the Guardian:

Two of this year’s biggest winners are Birmingham Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet who are getting increases of over half a million pounds each. In the case of Northern Ballet, this money is partly to encourage their experimentation with a wider repertory…

…ACE is encouraging Bourne to deepen relationships between his main company New Adventures and a spread of regional theatres and dance agencies – a strategy that makes good sense, in terms of capitalising on an already established company and a rich bank of talent.

There have been losers of course, and in London one of the most striking, in terms of hard numbers, is the Royal Ballet, who will feel the impact of the 2.2% cut to the Opera House budget. ACE suggests those losses should be absorbed in pay cuts – though hopefully those cuts will apply to the more inflated rates of opera singers than to dancers, especially not those underpaid dancers who appear in opera productions.

Read the full article in the Guardian, 1 July 2014.

For more information on who has been included in the NPO visit:

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