News: Contemporary dance meets commercial in The McOnie Company

Friday 31 January 2014 by Carmel Smith

The McOnie Company cast preparing for 'Drunk'. Photo: Sean Halidy

Drew McOnie has worked with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, made work for the The Place Prize and competed in the first series of BBC1’s So You Think You Can Dance. Now he’s a choreographer on a mission to bring together the commercial and contemporary sides of the dance world.

Next week, Drunk , the first show for his newly McOnie Company opens at the Bridewell Theatre. It’s a revue style ‘theatre dance’ show, with the theme of cocktails and drinks. The cast features top performers from the worlds of dance and musical theatre, with Anabel Kutay as Absinthe, Simon Hardwick as Cider, Katy Lowenhoff as Champagne, Ashley Andrews as Scotch, Gemma Sutton as Ice, Fela Lufadeju as Rum, Lucinda Laurence as Vodka and Daniel Collins as Martini.

He is passionate about creating accessible dance for wide audiences – and in bringing the professional dance world together: “The commercial sector thinks contemporary dance is just massaging bananas into walls, and the contemporary sector thinks musical theatre is all jazz hands and money-making.” He tells Lyndsey Winship. Read the full interview in the Evening Standard, 28 Jan 20148

Drunk is at the Bridewell Theatre, 6 Feb – 1 March 2014

Image: The McOnie Company cast preparing for ‘Drunk’ – photo: Sean Halidy

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