News: Savion Glover talks about the serious business of tapdance

Friday 4 April 2014 by Lise Smith

American tapdancing legend Savion Glover is in London this week for four nights of live improvisations, dazzling footwork and irresistible rhythms. He talks to Metro and The Telegraph about his new show SoLe Sanctuary, a “living altar” to his tapdance heroes, and why he believes the originators of rhythm tap deserve greater recognition.

“We have more unsung heroes and supremely talented people who have gone unrecognised than any other art form,” Glover, whose early teachers include renowned tap dancer and choreographer Gregory Hines, tells Metro. “Knowing how serious these men and women were about the form, that’s why I want to bring a sense of awareness about their work. That leaves no room for comedy.”

Often considered the greatest tapdancer in the world, Glover’s career has encompassed performance and choreography for Broadway and the big screen, gala performances and television appearances. With SoLe Sanctuary, Glover pays homage to the history of his artform and to some of the iconic figures associated with the development of tap in 20th century America. “I am trying to raise the level of consciousness as far as tap dancing goes,” he explains to Hermione Hoby in the Telegraph, “allowing us to understand that these men, their style and approach, comes from when we were stripped of our ability to communicate as African American people.”

Savion Glover is performing SoLe Sanctuary at Sadler’s Wells from 3-6 April 2014.

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