News: The Royal Ballet's Sarah Lamb talks rigour, sexism and Radio 4

Thursday 23 January 2014 by Deborah Jones

Sarah Lamb is currently one of the Royal Ballet’s busiest principals who spent her Christmas performing The Nutcracker and Jewels whilst also preparing for her debut in Giselle.

She talks about the debt she owes to the rigorous teaching of Tatiana Legat, a former Kirov ballerina and her teacher at Boston Ballet School and refutes criticism regarding the potentially sexist nature of ballet choreography,

“I understand the argument but honestly, when you’re being lifted by a man, you’re really doing a lot of the work. And when I look at duets by Wayne or Chris Wheeldon, I read them as shapes and lines, the choreographer’s aesthetic. If they’re beautiful and interesting, they work for me. I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, that woman hasn’t been on the ground for five minutes.”
Read more in the Guardian 12 Jan 14

Sarah will dance Giselle Saturday 25 January 2014

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