News: Not a hair out of place - Capilotracteés at CircusFest 2014

Monday 31 March 2014 by Lise Smith

It sounds like the stuff of torture rather than entertainment – but Finnish circus artists, Sanja Kosonen and Elice Abonce Muhonen are determined to bring back the traditional art of hair-hanging with their show Capilotractées at the Roundhouse this week as part of CircusFest 2014.

Hair-hanging is a traditional circus act that Kosonen and Muhonen are updating for contemporary circus audiences. “I think people feel that everything has already been seen. But most of the audience will never have seen this. It’s something new – even though it’s really, really old,” Kosonen tells Lyndsey Winship in The Guardian.

Many believe the practice originated in China; the art is not widely known and Kosonen and Muhonen had to develop their own methods of hanging from their own ponytails through trial and error. Read more, and watch a hair-raising video, here (Guardian, March 29 2014).

Capilotractées is at the Roundhouse 1 – 6 April 2014:

CircusFest 2014 runs until 27 April 2014:

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