News: New Adventures Northampton project in memory of Jonathan Ollivier

Thursday 20 August 2015 by Clare Evans

Jonathan Ollivier in Matthew Bourne's THE CAR MAN.
Photo: Chris Mann

To create a “positive legacy” in the memory of Jonathan Ollivier, New Adventures have announced plans to support young people with “poor access to the arts” in Northampton, Ollivier’s hometown. The dancer began ballet lessons there when his sisters’ teacher offered to watch him so his mother could shop. The project is being headed by Re:Bourne, New Adventures’ charitable-arm, which was established to enable young people from all backgrounds to access dance.

Re:Bourne Director James Mackenzie-Blackman said he had met with the Ollivier family who were “really thrilled” the company wanted to initiate a project in his hometown.

“Jonny discovered dance unexpectedly – we want to create more stories like that in Northampton and if we can do that, it will be a very positive legacy,” he said. “It’s in the very early stages but we hope to go into communities were there is either poor uptake of arts or difficulty accessing them.

“What’s really struck us in the past week and a half is how many young dancers – especially male dancers – have been inspired to dance by Jonny. That’s really touched us and we would like to see if we can replicate some of those values in his hometown.”

Read more: BBC, 10 August 2015

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