News: Ivan Vasiliev to marry Bolshoi ballerina

Tuesday 2 June 2015 by Clare Evans

Ivan Vasiliev in 'Facada' - Arthur Pita. 
Photo: Ambra Vernuccio

Acclaimed Russian ballet dancer Ivan Vasiliev, who has been dancing with American Ballet Theatre since 2012, has revealed that he will be married this weekend to Maria Vinogradova, an up-and-coming First Soloist with Bolshoi Ballet.

“I am very busy,” he said, breathless and beaming, still in full costume as the warrior Solor. “I have a wedding on June 6!” Then, when we talked at length the following day and I asked him what happened back in 2013 when he and Osipova split up, he gave the simple answer, with a boyish giggle: “I met Maria!… We’ve been together one and a half years,” he said, “and engaged half a year. After one year’s living together, I proposed. I bought the ring in New York,” he added proudly.

Read more: The Telegraph, 2 June 2015

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