News: Is Isaac Hernández the next Carlos Acosta?

Friday 7 August 2015 by Clare Evans

Isaac Hernandez and Tamara Rojo
Photo: Laurent Liotado

ENB’S new lead principal Isaac Hernández talks to Lyndsey Winship about falling in love, supporting dance in his home country of Mexico, and why he’s trying to get comfortable with the challenges of London.

“At the Coliseum, I didn’t feel protected at all,” he says. “It’s a huge stage, a lot of responsibility, the audience didn’t know me. I felt pretty naked basically. I felt very exposed.”

“Personally, I’ve never liked big cities,” he says, “and that is one of the first things I told Tamara. I was very happy in Amsterdam, a small, beautiful city where you can have a very comfortable life. But as soon as I heard myself saying that I thought, I cannot be thinking like that being 25 years old. I want to be able to live every possible experience that I can, while I can,” he says. “At the end of the day that’s all we can take with us, the experiences we’ve lived.”

A huge admirer of Tamara Rojo (and one-time speechless fan), Hernández intends to spend six days a week pursuing perfection in ENB’s Kensington Studios.

“I told Tamara when I agreed to come that I wanted them to push me. And Tamara takes that very seriously. That woman is an incredible dancer who pushes you to your best level.”

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Isaac Hernandez and Tamara Rojo. Photo: Laurent Liotardo

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