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Tuesday 23 June 2015 by Clare Evans

Arthur Pita wins  Best Modern Choreography for The Metamorphosis at the Linbury
Photo: John Ross

Contemporary choreographer Arthur Pita talks to The Guardian’s Judith Mackrell about being inspired by David Lynch, dating Matthew Bourne, and creating a new work for the Royal Ballet’s Edward Watson and former New York City Ballet star Wendy Whelan.

“We talk about work a lot because we’re both obsessed, but it’s never competitive, our styles are so different … If you’re talking about influences, Matt goes back to the MGM musical and I’m more David Lynch.”

Pita had long dreamed of choreographing for Watson, eventually working up the courage to approach him to be in The Metamorphosis in 2007. It was a career changing performance for Pita, a critical hit that propelled him from the fringe to mainstream.

“I thought there was something amazing about [Watson], a kind of otherworldly aura.” Kafka’s novella struck him as being a wonderful vehicle for his talent. Although Pita still winces at the memory of his first approach to Watson – “I’d invited him to have coffee, but forgot my wallet, so I had to ask him to pay”.

Read more: The Guardian, 22 June 2015

Whelan/Watson: Other Stories will be at Royal Opera House from 9 – 12 July.

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