News: Digital Playground for choreographers this September at The Place

Wednesday 26 August 2015 by Clare Evans

Image courtesy of Blast Theory.

The weekend of Fri 11 – Sun 13 September sees the first Digital Lab at The Place as part of the Choreodrome artist development programme. The dance studio becomes a laboratory which pries open the black box of technology to dig into the innards and discover new ways of making.

Over three days the participants will consider how new technologies offer dance makers different ways to create and perform dance, and engage an audience. The lab will combine practical workshops with opportunities to reflect and discuss as a group and share each other’s practice.

Participants will have the chance to be 3D scanned and printed, and to listen to talks from BBC Sherlock Network app writer David Varela, and Ju Row Farr from interactive performance company Blast Theory.

With digital technology now integrated into our everyday lives, this weekend aims to present exciting concepts and spark creative ideas on how technology can be experienced and understood within the performance landscape.

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