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Friday 3 July 2015 by Carmel Smith

'Political Mother - The Choreographer's Cut' Photo: Tom Medwell

This September there will be no missing Hofesh Shechter in London. #HOFEST sees a new work at Sadler’s Wells, his first opera at the Royal Opera House, a new company Shechter Junior at Stratford Circus and in the first dance performances in 20 years at the Brixton Academy – a revival of Political Mother.

“The work with my own company is always the most out-there….This is where I’m really ripping my heart out and trying something experimental and new and it can go horribly wrong. But even if it does, maybe it’s good that people see it. There’s no way to get better and expand without making an ass out of yourself. I really believe that.” he tells Lynsdey Winship. Read the full interview in the

Photo: Political Mother – The Choreographer’s Cut by Tom Medwell

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