News: Alexander Whitley on The Measures Taken

Friday 9 May 2014 by Lucie Sheppard

The Measures Taken - Alexander Whitley

Choreographer Alexander Whitley talks to the Evening Standard’s Lyndsey Winship of his transition from dancer to choreographer and his new work The Measures Taken, which is inspired by our relationship with technology.

“I would say, maybe the question of how you feel in relation to what the dancers are doing. Whether you’re left alienated and cold by the movement or whether you’re invited into a warmer connection with it. And to question the way the dancers are relating to each other at a very human level. What is it about the way that they relate to one another that expresses how technology might be affecting that communication and the way we see ourselves?”

Read the full interview in Evening Standard, 7 May 2014.

The Measures Taken is at the Linbury Studio Theatre next week, but has already sold out – return tickets only.
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