News: Akram Khan on working with young dancers:

Friday 11 April 2014 by Lise Smith

Akram Khan and NYDC. Image: Tony Nandi

Choreographer Akram Khan is working with dancers from the National Youth Dance Company this week and next to complete his new double-bill for the company, which combines new work The Rashomon Effect with a reworked extract from Khan’s 2010 piece for his own company, Vertical Road. NYDC are joined at Sadler’s Wells by nine musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, who will work with the company until Sunday 20 April.

Writing in The Guardian, Khan talks about his inspirations for the new piece, including Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon (1950). “The starting point for the work is that we never discover what the actual story is – instead, we wanted to see how many different interpretations of movement we could find,” says Khan. “It’s a cyclical piece, so each time the dancers come back to a place they perceive it differently – whether it’s the phrase or the story. I decided to not go too much into theatre. I wanted to explore them as dancers.”

Khan also reveals that working with the talented young dancers who have not yet undertaken professional training has been a refreshing experience for him choreographically. “What I love about working with these dancers is that they have openness without judgment – it’s all new for them.”

The National Youth Dance Company will perform The Rashomon Effect/Vertical Road at Sadler’s Wells on 16 April 2014.

Read the full article in The Guardian here (8 April 2014)

See Akram Khan talking about his work with the NYDC on BBC Newsnight here (10 April 2014NYDC interviews start around 43mins).

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