News: A peak into rehearsals with Frauke Requardt's Mothers

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Frauke Requardt (Photo-by-Chris-Nash)

Godmother, Birth mother, Working mother, Earth mother, Mother-tongue, Motherland, Mothercare™, MILF. Mothers is a dance across sticky surfaces with slippery bodies.

Known for her surreal, tightly controlled choreography and dark humour, Mothers is the new work from Work Place and Greenwich Associate artist Frauke Requardt.

Playful, bizarre and at times grotesque Mothers sees giant mushrooms, children’s toys and bodily fluids existing in the same magical performance space. On stage, all-powerful ringmaster Requardt is joined by Neil Callaghan and Jake Ingram-Dodd as the calm disintegrates into a visceral, anarchic mess.

Requardt identified that becoming a parent represented a monumental change in her adult life, but was strangely underrepresented in the arts. Requardt said about creating the show,

“Mothers is a direct response to my experience of becoming a mother, but it’s not a narrative. I didn’t want to shy away from the raw physical and emotional experience. There are things that don’t get talked about so much, or get glossed over, the fluids, the messiness, the overwhelming relentlessness and worry. When I first started thinking about making a dance piece it was about the immediacy, the feelings of not knowing what you are doing, and the weight of responsibility. Those feelings are already beginning to shift, as the children get older and are more robust. I feel their absence acutely in the studio at times, as the piece is about them, but it’s a strange thing, I also forget about them altogether.”

Take a peek into rehearsals with Frauke Requardt, Neil Callaghan and Jake Ingram-Dodd.

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