Interview: Rocio Molina Q&A

Thursday 5 March 2009

Rocío Molina
At only 24 Rocio Molina is widely considered to be one of the most exciting dancers in flamenco today. Maria Pages, an exceptional flamenco talent herself describes her as ‘one of the big names of the future’.

This month she’s appearing in two shows in the Flamenco Festival London at Sadler’s Wells. In Gala Flamenca Mujeres she dances with Merche Esmerelda, and Belen Maya in a show which unites three generations of performers and she also presents her own new show Oro Viejo.

When did you first discover dance?
Well, I did not discover it – it was something that I felt intuitively. When you are three years old, you cannot ‘discover’ anything, it was just something
I knew I had it inside of me from the beginning!

Are you a traditionalist, or a modernist in your flamenco style?
I do not like to be modernist. I like tradition, but the forms I use and my corporal language is very much based in the present.

Have you ever practiced other dance styles?
It has always been flamenco for me. I have also done all types of Spanish dance, like folklore, bolero school, Spanish repertoire and I have done a little bit
of contemporary dance.

Tell us about your new show Oro Viejo
In previous works, I’ve always looked deep within, to find the stories from where movement arises, looking for how and why it develops. But this time the basic
theme in the show is the passage of time and the arrival of old age. It includes great and important themes, such as love and solitude, which are expressed by
older people, the anonymous main characters of the show. I wanted to highlight the importance of everything and everybody who precedes us.

The show mixes memorable old flamenco recordings with original music composed by guitarist Paco Cruz, a regular collaborator and Rafael Rodríguez “Cabeza”, also plays guitar and percussion, with the flamenco singing of Rosario Guerrero “La Tremendita”.

In Gala Flamenca Mujeres you are the youngest of three generations of performers. How does that feel?
I feel very privileged to be dancing with Belen Maya and Merche Esmeralda. Just imagine I saw them at the cinema when I was eight (in Carlos Saura’s film Flamenco) and I thought then I hope to be like them when I grow up.

Regarding my age (23), it’s inevitable that youth comes out, the strength, the energy and all the other characteristics of my age.

What do you like about coming to London?
Well, I love this multicultural city, with a lot of different people. And the weather? Well I prefer it to be sunny but it’s not too bad!

*In an interview with last year, Maria Pages said you’d be “one of the big names of the future” in flamenco. Is it a pressure to have those sort
of expectations of you?*
At the moment I try not to feel this pressure, I prefer to pressure myself! It is normal that when I have a premiere or something like that where people are
expecting a lot from you, then yes I feel it but the good thing is that I can control it very well, so at last what I want to do comes out.

Who/what else have been influences on your dancing life? **All the old dancers like Mario Maya, Carmen Amaya and Antonio El Bailarin. But also almost everything that occurs in my life is for and because of dance.
My main influence is my family because they are always by my side. After this there are all my teachers who have taught me and given me something of themselves. Also all of the dancers that I have seen live or on video have influenced me.
When I first saw Carmen Amaya I was hypnotised, and seeing and reading about Antonio gave me the energy and vision to be a great dancer.

What do you enjoy when you are not dancing?
I love to go to the campsite with my dog, I like to read and also to study.

What’s next for you? **Well, I have a present from the Theater of Gijon, they have offered me the space to create anything I like. This is the dream
of any dancer, to have an space with all the technical and economic help you need
to create what you want.

Flamenco Festival London 2009 – Sadler’s Wells 14 – 29 Mar 09

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