Interview: Kate Prince - Some Like It Hip Hop

Thursday 20 September 2012 by Sarah Kearney

ZooNation Dance Company are back in the Peacock Theatre with Kate Prince’s revival of her show Some Like It Hip Hop.

She discusses with Laura Thompson how her experience of being a female in the world of hip hop has influenced her latest production,
‘“I’m very open about the fact that I love certain aspects of hip hop, and that there are other aspects that I hate,” she says. “This show tries to address that a bit.” The cross-dressing, for instance, enables her to mock the misogyny that pollutes gangsta rap.’

Prince also explains why she feels her company has been so successful,
“For me, what matters is that a show is character and story-based. That’s why I think ZooNation is maybe more – I don’t love this word – ‘accessible’. Anyone could come and see a ZooNation show. You don’t have to be a hip-hop fan.”

Read the full interview in, The Telegraph, 20 Sep 2012

Related article in the Guardian,
“I operate under the principle that every single one of us is a dancer. When we were tiny, we all danced without any inhibitions – it’s only as we grow up that dancing gets relegated to something we do when we’re drunk, or at a wedding.”
Laura Barnett, Guardian, 9 Oct.12

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